osheas - about our company
Are your Network, Computer and Hosting needs being met?

O’Shea’s is…

…an established, fast growing, dynamic company which understands the unique issues that businesses face today. We have a firm grasp of the current technology available and what is looming around the corner. We devote a considerable amount of time to increasing our knowledge base and professional network in Silicon Valley and beyond.

OSHEAS - A partnership for successWe do not need fancy charts or convoluted formulas to meet your needs; we form a partnership with our clients and approach each unique situation directly and head on. Our technical expertise is vast and the network of talented professionals we regularly work with is considerable.

We actively strive to be the best and no matter what your current situation, size or needs we can guarantee complete satisfaction with our services. We can be sure of this because our business and the product and services that we provide have evolved directly from our client’s needs. We are a responsive and proactive company that has developed a unique management program, which allows for the flexibility and creativity necessary to successfully implement systems, designs and strategies to allow you to gain and maintain the competitive edge. We are dedicated to maintaining your infrastructure so that your organization can effortlessly keep up with the evolution of technology, without having to concern yourself with the inconsistencies, delays and loss of productivity which is often typical with these issues.

We are located in the center of the tech world and this is just how we like it, to be right in the midst of things. We are able to implement designs utilizing a variety of different platforms and since we have not entered into any sales or agency agreements with any hardware or software vendors, you can be sure, that when we are building your system, we are using only the most appropriate and highest quality technology for you. For the past 12 years we have been actively utilizing all of our available resources to develop genuine answers to unique situations. We are proud of the company we have become and the work that we do and look forward to relationships we will build tomorrow.


ICCAO’Shea’s is a member of ICCA, a not-for-profit trade organization whose primary purpose is to elevate the quality of the computer consulting industry. To find out more about the ICCA and it's practices, click here.