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Case Studies


Our clients had outgrown their space and it was time to move. As soon as the decision had been made, our clients knew just what to do; they contacted O’Shea’s. We were with them from the very beginning working with them and their people to design a system that A Business on the move. would meet all of their unique infrastructure needs. We met and worked with the contractors of the new space to ensure that each and every data drop location was clearly defined. And when it was time, we ran over 20,000 feet of data cable. After construction was complete and a solid foundation had been laid it was time for the actual move. Over one weekend, O’Shea’s moved every computer related item from the old location to the new location and had them up and running business as usual the following Monday. No Delays. No time Lost. Seamless. Painless.

Real Answers

Expanding your business is always an exciting prospect in any business; however this process can also tax resources, time and attention at a point when all available assets are necessary in order to effectively manage this very situation. It is a shame that growing pains can be so…well painful. But if you throw into the mix expanding overseas then this prospect can become even more daunting. Overseas ExpansionWhen our clients found themselves in just such a situation, they immediately contacted O’Shea’s. Their most pressing concern at that time was that both sides of their world be able to rely on a consistent means of communication. Not only were we up to the task, by designing and implementing an Exchange server and a Linux data based server for their Hong Kong office, but we also secured a relationship with a local consultant to provide access to the crucial support and knowledge they would need to ensure continued productivity of their network. This attention to detail guaranteed the successful development and integration of the expansion. Consistency and efficiency; when dealing with O’Shea’s you can expect no less.

Last Minute Solutions

The exact moment when you realize that your network has been compromised is usually met with that particular panicked feeling. Confusion, shock, frustration, feeling overwhelmed by these situations are no longer the bed stones to these situations… at least not for an electronics company in the Silicon Valley.

Rescuing a computer The company employee, whose computer was acting “very strange”, called us frantically. Deadlines, critical data and valuable time were being threatened. We immediately responded and came in to investigate the situation. Very quickly, it became clear that the machine in question had been contaminated by an exceptionally nasty virus. Not only were we able to remove the virus and restore the fit, form and function of the machine, we also made sure that an appropriate and up-to-date anti viral program was installed and educated the client on how to properly protect against future problems. We are not invested in keeping our clients dependent on us for support, but instead look for ways to constantly improve, educate and evolve our networks and working relationships.


This financial advisory group knew how important media was for their bottom line. They had a clear understanding of how critical it is for companies to have an effective online strategy. What they did not know was how to implement a multifaceted web-based program which would satisfy their requirements. O’Shea’s worked closely with the client and very quickly we were able to effectively formulate and implement a plan which reflected, exactly, the look, feel and content they were looking for. Satisfaction and a competitive edge… O’Shea’s provides it all.


Hosting you can count onThings at a peninsula company were humming along nicely when they received a dreaded call. Their web host was going out of business and they needed to move their site. They were faced with the reallocation of time and resources at a moment when they were already stretched to the limit. Rather than divert precious assets, they formed an alliance with O’Shea’s. Our comprehensive web hosting services were called into play. Our professional team worked with the client to relocate their site and, unlike their previous host, provided them the freedom to mange their own site. O’Shea’s provides the access to alternative solutions which will free your company up to conduct business the way you choose to.